Cleaner degreaser, disinfectant,...

    Cleaner degreaser, disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide

    DESSOL-111 Degreasing agent for cleaning in all types of installations

    Detergent product, disinfectant, surface degreaser (floors, walls and ceilings), containers, tanks, utensils and small material, in all types of facilities in the Food Industry, as well as in the Livestock farm and Animal Health.

    Thoroughly clean and disinfect

    Great detergent and disinfectant power that allows cleaning and disinfection, simultaneously, in a single operation. Its specific formulation also allows the application of the product in the form of foam, through the use of suitable systems.


    Degreaser, disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide in a single operation

    Mixed product with a specific formulation that allows the application of the product in the form of foam, in a large field of applications. It can also be used with manual system. Leave for 15-20 min. And then rinse with water.

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