General degreaser

    General degreaser

    CRS-DE-G Degreasing product

    Detergent formulated for cleaning very difficult soils. Product of large applications such as cleaning of kitchen filters, air filters, fume hoods, kitchen walls, tiles, terrazzo, sanitary, greasy slaughterhouses, stainless steel, very dirty floors, skay upholstery in buses, trains, etc. .

    Degreasing liquid detergent

    Water soluble liquid with alkaline reaction. Very economical of employment since it allows to use it in machines of cleaning of floors. Inhibited against corrosion of iron and steel. Suitable for use in the food industry


    General degreaser

    Powerful general degreaser for cleaning dirt that is difficult to remove. Very suitable for cleaning bells, tiles, kitchen floors, slaughterhouses, walls, steels and places with a lot of grease in general.

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