Hydroalcoholic Sanitizing Gel

    Hydroalcoholic Sanitizing Gel

    ADYGEL Hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel with Aloe Vera

    Hydroalcoholic gel, enhanced with Aloe Vera, specially designed for quick and efficient hand sanitization by friction technique.

    Sanitizing gel that does not need rinsing

    It does not require the use of water, soap or towel. Fast application and drying. Refreshing effect. Moisturizing action that keeps the skin hydrated and flexible, preventing its drying out.


    Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel without rinsing

    Gel specially designed for quick and efficient hand sanitation without rinsing. Sensibly removes the amount of microorganisms present in the hands. Suitable for handlers in the food industry and in risk areas. Dose a small amount in the palm of your hands and distribute it, rubbing vigorously and including the back, fingers and areas between fingers, until the total evaporation of the product.

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