Neutral deodorizing sanitizing cleaner
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Neutral deodorizing sanitizing cleaner

SANI BAC Concentrated neutral cleaner

Specially formulated to sanitize and deodorize any type of surfaces. Recommended in communities, toilets, hospitals, etc ...

Sanitizing and deodorizing

The properties of the product are very specific, it provides cleaning and sanitation, eliminating bad odors and destroying microorganisms, leaving a pleasant smell for hours. Suitable for use in the food industry. Biodegradable product.


Concentrated neutral deodorizing sanitizing cleaner

Neutral cleaner with high sanitizing power. Formulated from glutaraldehyde, it is very useful for daily cleaning of all types of surfaces such as walls, floors, services, residences, educational centers, etc. Diluted in water, dose from 1:30 to 1: 100.

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