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Detergents manufacturer Proeco Químicas

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One of the leading professional detergent manufacturers in Spain

Proeco Químicas is a company specialized in the research and manufacture of detergents, disinfectants and high quality cosmetic products for sectors such as laundry, catering and hospitality, automotive, swimming pools, personal hygiene, cleaning, surface treatment and industry in general.

Pioneers in the manufacture of ecological detergents

We have been the first detergent manufacturer in Spain to offer a complete range of ecological detergents with certified with the European Ecolabel. Our soaps and detergents are found through our official network of distributors throughout Europe.

Manufacturer of detergents and cosmetics

Proeco Químicas has approved facilities for the manufacture of cosmetic products in addition to detergents. Personal hygiene products such as hand gels, bath gels, shampoos, body milks, etc. Although its destination is the professional sector, these must be manufactured in a cosmetic plant validated by the competent authorities.

Manufacture of disinfectants and detergents

Proeco Químicas has a clean room approved by the competent authorities for the manufacture of clinical and hospital disinfectants, as well as healthy skin disinfectants as surface disinfectants and disinfectants for the food industry.

About Proeco Químicas

More than a provider
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Cleaning products by sectors

Find the cleaning product, detergent, disinfectant or soap sorted by sectors. We have special attention to the restaurants, cleaning companies, hotels, food industry, healthcare centers, sports centers, laundries, automotive and industry sector in general.

Find cleaning products in order.

Select your sector and find the detergent, cleaning product, disinfectant, cosmetic or soap that you need sorted by different areas of your business, whether specific areas or general areas. Follow this simple guide to comply with the highest cleaning controls on the market. Check with our technical department if you have any questions.

Product guide by ranges

Cleaning products by ranges

In this section you can find cleaning products, disinfectant, detergents, soaps or cosmetic products sorted by product families, here you can search by the following fields, laundry, dishwasher, air fresheners, general cleaners, automotive products, organic products, products personal hygiene, swimming pool products, products for industry, or superconcentrated detergents and cleaners among others.

Complete catalog of cleaning products

If you are a hygiene specialist, in this section you can find more details in our complete catalog of detergent products, cleaners, disinfectants, cleaning products, cosmetic products, etc. for the different business areas for which we manufacture.

In Proeco Químicas we have great professionals who love their work

The Proeco Químicas staff is composed of highly qualified personnel and experienced in the facets for which they are responsible. Having among our workers an excellent team of high level. Our facilities are equipped with innovative packaging and manufacturing systems as well as a large palletized warehouse, and specific machinery for labeling and packaging of our products.

Approved manufacturer to cosmetic products.

Proeco Químicas has the Cosmetics Division, which includes Cleanroom modified according to the requirements of current regulations with a perfectly controlled environment (temperature, humidity, filtered air quality) and a correct insulation that provides optimal conditions to insure safety and security of the quality of manufactured cosmetics. 

The Strategic Policy of Proeco Químicas

It contemplates as fundamental pillars, the personalized treatment to our clients, the constant attention and the high quality of our products, as differential factors, taking into account, logically, some rates well adjusted to the market price line with an excellent quality / price. The sum of the above allows us to obtain the excellent results that we are obtaining.

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The distributors of Proeco Químicas are part of a company composed of professionals with decades of experience in detergency and professional hygiene, with an inspiring approach and interesting commercial conditions.

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