Concentrated neutral cleansing gel
    Concentrated neutral cleansing gel

    Concentrated neutral cleansing gel

    MAXI GEL Hyperconcentrated neutral cleaner

    Hyperconcentrated scented neutral cleansing gel specially formulated for daily cleaning of all types of surfaces, natural, synthetic, plastic, wood, glass, painted, etc. Up to 6 times more concentrated than other specific products.

    Savings on cleaners

    Its high content in active matter together with a correct dosage, allows an important saving in the daily cleaning. It does not scratch any surface, cleans and degreases thoroughly. Clean without fogging and without leaving traces. Easy and pleasant to apply.


    Concentrated cleaner

    Neutral cleansing gel perfumed with bioalcohol for daily cleaning of all surfaces in general. Suitable for crystallized or waxed floors, wood and ceramic and delicate surfaces. With floral aromatic microparticles. For floors and walls vitrified with excessive dirt, the dosage can range between 0.5 and 3 grams per liter of water without having to rinse later.

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