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Descalers and bathrooms

Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Limestone descaler for porcelain, steel and chrome

SACLIN Anti-lime descaler Special limestone descaler for chrome, stainless steels and porcelain in general, it does not oxidize or stain. Suitable for faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc. Thanks to its low surface tension it penetrates perfectly into the scale. Lime debris remover It effectively removes the remains of lime, salt and oxides. Due to...
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

WC descaler and porcelain in general

SACTIF Energetic descaler Acid sanitizing descaler. Indicated against very difficult inlays. Eliminates salt deposits, as well as residues that are always left by organic remains. Thanks to its low surface tension it penetrates perfectly into the scale. Eliminate the most difficult inlays It has been specifically formulated for the elimination of scale in...
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

WC descaler and porcelain in general

NET BATH Bathroom descaler cleaner Slightly acidic cleaner of great effectiveness for cleaning and hygiene of bathrooms in general. Effectively removes traces of lime and dirt. Daily cleaning of the toilet Especially indicated for the daily cleaning of toilets, faucets and tiles. The product is biodegradable and normal use.
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Acid plunger pipes and septic tanks

SEPCLEAN 1 Acid plunger for plug removal Product specially formulated for the elimination of plugs in drains and pipes. Designed to dissolve any jam caused by organic materials such as food, hair, etc. Clear all types of jam Powerful plunger that dissolves jams caused by organic matter remains in drains and pipes. Biodegradable product
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Sanitizer, deodorizer, septic tank diluent

WC QUIMICO 6 Treatment for septic tanks Product specially formulated to eliminate bad odors and dissove organic remains in toilets with septic tank. Eficaz eliminador de olores Powerful sanitizer and odor eliminator for chemical toilets, its special formulation destroys all germs and helps dissolve organic debris. Biodegradable
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Sanitizer for urinals in tablets

MINI BLOCK 3 Product for the cleaning of urinals in tablets Product specially studied for the elimination of odors in the urinals. Enzymatic action that hydrolyzes organic matter making it basic matter. It prevents the development of microorganisms that cause bad odors without having to use chemical agents such as chlorine. The biological tablet treats...
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Joint cleaner for stoneware floors

JUNTGRES Stoneware scale remover Product specially formulated for the elimination of encrustations in stoneware floor joints Joint descaling cleaner The product is biodegradable for normal use, equipped with descaling properties for dirt and limestone. It does not produce vapors or toxic gases.
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Cleaner of debris

170 Cleaning agent for cleaning at the end of construction Powerful descaler remover of cement, lime and fluorescence residues. High performance acid cleaner very useful for cleaning construction finishes, bites, gaskets, construction work ... Removing cleaner for debris It removes and cleans all types of limescale, cement and fluorescence.
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