Citrus Industrial Degreaser

    Citrus Industrial Degreaser

    ULTRA-P CITR Very concentrated citric alkaline degreaser

    Powerful citrus degreaser formulated for cleaning very difficult dirt. Product of large applications such as cleaning of kitchen filters, air filters, fume hoods, kitchen walls, tiles, terrazzo, sanitary ware, greasy slaughterhouses, stainless steel, very dirty floors, skay upholstery in buses, trains, etc.

    Economical and very effective

    Very economical of employment since it allows to use it in machines of cleaning of floors. It is inhibited against corrosion of iron and steel. It is easily rinsed with water after each use, leaving no film. Suitable for use in the food industry. It is biodegradable in compliance with current legislation.


    Citric alkaline superenergic degreaser for general use

    High alkalinity degreaser intended for industrial use ideal for surfaces with animal or vegetable fats that are very attached or rebellious Suitable for cleaning floors of food industries, conveyor belts, walls, tanks, slaughterhouses, thermal vehicles, etc. Can be used with sprayer, brush or scourer. The solution used varies from 5% to 30% depending on the degree of dirt to be cleaned. It is possible to use pure if the dirt is persistent.

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