Deoxidizer deoxidant for boats

    Deoxidizer deoxidant for boats

    DESIN Descaling product

    Developed to keep impeccable all the materials that due to the environment in which they are found are attacked and aged by sea saltpeter. This master formula allows chains, buoys, stainless steels, plastics, galvanized, shackles, anchors, etc., to remain shiny as the first day.

    Boat cleaner

    Eliminates the green, snails, oxides and saltpeters in general, leaving a thin transparent layer that keeps the surfaces clean longer.


    Deoxidizer deoxidant for boats

    Eliminates sea salt and rust from buoys, helmets, stainless steels, plastics, galvanized, shackles, anchors, live work, dead work ..., and leaves a thin protective layer.

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