Dishwasher descaler

Dishwasher descaler

Dishwasher machine descaler

DESCAL Descaling detergentBiodegradable detergent for normal use. It does not attack metals, or rubber, plastic, etc. Free of persistent foam which allows it to be used by jet and forced circulation. Due to its acidic character it acts as a deoxidant. Thanks to its low surface tension it penetrates perfectly into the scale. Inlay Eliminator...
Dishwasher descaler

Very concentrated dishwasher machine descaler

DESCAL PLUS Descaling detergentBiodegradable acid detergent descaler. Indicated for periodic descaling of stainless steel utensils. Eliminates the scale of lime, saltpeter, inorganic remains as well as the residues that detergents always leave. Inlay Eliminator ProductIt is miscible in water at any proportion, even in cold. It does not attack metals, or...