Glassware and utensils final finish...

    Glassware and utensils final finish cleaner

    DRY SHINE 500 Dry Finish Cleaner

    Liquid product harmless for the final dry review of glassware and utensils in general. It is a formula specially developed for the removal of detergent residues, lime, fingerprints, small stains found in glassware and utensils after having passed through the dishwasher.

    Liquid product spray bottle

    Its formulation allows a safe use, eliminating stains and odors, being easy to apply.


    Cleaner for dry final glassware

    Liquid product for dry final review of glassware and utensils in general. Spray lightly on a clean and dry microfiber cloth and run it through the items to be cleaned. You can also spray directly on the glassware or utensils and then wipe a clean dry cloth before it dries.

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