Liquid wax maintenance acrylic and...

    Liquid wax maintenance acrylic and wood floors

    LAVI ACR Liquid wax synthetic flooring

    Product formulated for cleaning, polishing and surface maintenance in a single operation. For washing and polishing all types of synthetic floors.

    Cleaning and conservation of soft floors

    Wash, polish and preserve soft floors in a single operation. It cleans and protects simultaneously, leaving a thin layer with non-slip properties.


    Liquid wax for the maintenance and conservation of acrylic floors

    Self-shining acrylic emulsion for synthetic and wooden floors. It polishes the surfaces, leaving a thin layer with non-slip properties. Easy to apply, dilutable in water, provides a lasting and recoverable shine. Easy to apply, pure or diluted at a rate of 1/20 depending on the use. It can be applied by hand. To increase the final shine, it is recommended to rub with a surface cloth.

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