Manual cleaning of vehicles

CARFRY Insect debris removerGeneral cleaner of all types of bodies and transport vehicles. Ideal for cleaning also the remains of insects that adhere to the front of the vehicles in hot weather. Highly concentrated productVery concentrated, getting a great performance with him. It does not scratch any surface, cleans the remains of insects thoroughly....
Manual vehicle cleaning

Decarbonizing tire cleaner

PROLLAN Tire cleanerDissolves persistent dirt, rust, grease, etc. Very effective for metal cleaning. Great cleaning activity. It dissolves oxides and fats leaving the treated metals clean. Efficient metal cleanerIt is indicated on surfaces of steel, bronze, iron, copper, aluminum, porcelain, chrome, nickel plated, etc.
Manual vehicle cleaning

Vehicle detergent shampoo

CAR-2 Detergent for cleaning vehicles.Especially suitable for manual washing, washing trains and pressure washes. Neutral body work detergentIt provides a glossy finish. Due to its neutral character, it is ideal for all types of painted surfaces.
Manual vehicle cleaning

Asphalt and chafing stain remover

ASFI NW Stain Remover ProductLiquid product for the removal of asphalt stains and scratches on surfaces. Solvent for surface cleaningEnergetic solvent that removes organic stains, asphalt, chafing, grating, especially petroleum products, resins, asphalts, tars, etc.