Neutral floor cleaner

    Neutral floor cleaner

    NETTING floor cleaner

    Clean neutral floor cleaner-home. Deep cleans all surfaces. Specially formulated for floors or ceramic tiles, leaving them shiny, without fingerprints or fogging. It can be used in all kinds of surfaces by entering the grooves and removing dirt, odors and stains.

    Deep cleaning

    Suitable for sanitary ware, kitchens, floors, walls with tiles or plastic paint, laminated or laminated furniture, etc. It does not scratch any surface, clean and degrease thoroughly. Easy and convenient to apply, being safe for hands. Very competitive, getting a great performance from him. It is a biodegradable product that complies with current regulations.



    Nice multi-purpose floor cleaner.

    Neutral product for cleaning floors and surfaces in general, contains active perfumes that leave a lasting citrus freshness. Clean without fogging.

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