Sealant crystallizer

    Sealant crystallizer

    CRISTAL Special crystallizer marble and terrazzo floors

    Simultaneous sealant crystallizer. Special for marble and terrazzo floors. Compound for polishing hard floors. It gives the treated surfaces an intense, traffic-resistant, stain and tread shine.

    Non-slip and easy to apply

    Totally non-slip, does not yellow, quick to apply and very long lasting. Especially suitable for floors in very good leveling and low porosity. Biodegradable product


    Simultaneous sealant crystallizer

    It covers the treated surfaces with a crystalline micro film of great hardness and metallic luster. It hardens the wax layer prolonging its duration remarkably. Special for marble and terrazzo floors. Its application is carried out using the pure product in small doses, with steel wool and rotating machine, not trying at one time extensions greater than 2 to 3 meters.

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