Self-Foaming Degreaser
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Self-Foaming Degreaser

ULTRA-10 Highly foaming degreaser

Detergent formulated for cleaning very difficult dirt using a spray gun. Product of large applications such as the cleaning of air filters, fume hoods, kitchen walls, tiles, terrazzo, toilets, greasy slaughterhouses, stainless steel, very dirty floors, skay upholstery in buses, trains, etc.

Great results for very little

It is very economical of employment since it allows it to be used in floor cleaning machines. It is inhibited against corrosion of iron and steel. It is easily rinsed with water after each use, leaving no film. It is biodegradable in compliance with current legislation.


Self-foaming energetic degreaser

Versatile multi-application cleaner, highly alkaline and very foaming, suitable for cleaning very difficult dirt using foam spraying. Formulated for the sanitation of food industries, eliminating organic, inorganic, protein, scale, grease ... It can be used with a spray, brush or scourer. The solution to be used varies from 5% to 30% depending on the dirt to be cleaned. It can be used pure if the dirt is persistent.

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