Special chlorinated sanitizing cleaner for foam...

    Special chlorinated sanitizing cleaner for foam cannon

    PROSIN ESP Sanitizing cleanser

    Special chlorinated sanitizing cleaner for foam cannon. Formulated to disinfect and sanitize by contact any type of surface by foam pressure.

    Chlorinated product for contact cleaning

    Recommended in communities,canning, dairy meat industry, hospitals, sports centers ... The properties of the product are very specific, provides deep cleaning, eliminating bad odors and sanitizing completely.


    Sanitizing and odorizing chlorinated cleaner

    Energetic cleaner specially formulated to sanitize and deodorize by foam any type of surfaces by means of generating equipment or foam projection. Recommended in communities, meat, canning, dairy industry, hospitals, sports centers ... Diluted in water, dose of 1% to 5% depending on the dirt.

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