Spray insulating moisture

    Spray insulating moisture

    S-EC SP Moisture insulation

    Moisture insulator, indispensable in preventive maintenance of electrical faults, in exterior and interior installations as a multipurpose lubricant. As a moisture repellent in automotive workshops such as hydrophobic and self-starting and in all types of activity a moisture repellent lubricant is needed.

    Surface protection liquid

    Protective liquid moisture repellent of great versatility of use, due to its excellent performance and ease of application. It is also excellent multi-purpose lubricant. It keeps the surfaces applied hydrophobic preventing short circuits or shunts due to moisture. Prevents or delays corrosion of treated surfaces, due to condensation, flooding, saline air, etc.


    Spray insulating moisture

    Aerosol anti-humidity lubricant specially designed to remove moisture from circuits, connectors and boards in general. It also has antioxidant and unblocking properties.

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