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Non-Slip Mineral Absorbent

ABSORB Mineral granules for liquid absorption Non-slip mineral absorber for all types of liquids, oils, and solvents. Mineral, absorbent and natural granules. Total absorption to favor the elimination of spills Ideal for any spill on any surface. Suitable for stopping food industries where sawdust cannot be used.
various general products

Antifoam-foam remover

AESPUM Broad spectrum foam remover Antifoam with a broad spectrum of application. Creamy whitish dispersion. It is a neutral, non-aggressive product that can be used in the most varied applications. Due to its high performance, it eliminates most foam problems. Ideal to combine with products that you want to use with automatic scrubbers. Effective...
various general products

Foaming product for foam generating machines

ESPUMA-3 Foam with neutral pH Neutral pH product specially formulated for foam projection systems. Produces a stable and durable foam. Foam generator liquid Colorless liquid that when diluted in water and introducing air under pressure produces a stable foam suitable for all types of applications where high foam production is required.
various general products

Deodorized paraffin oil

PARAFIN Paraffin oil for candlesticks Product specially formulated for candlesticks. It also acts as a mosquito repellent. Effective as insect repellent Suitable for oil lamp, torches, etc. It does not produce smoke. It is not toxic. Flying insect repellent. Great duration
various general products

Tarter descaler

DESTAR Highly alkaline concentrated cleaner Strong alkaline liquid cleaner to remove bitartrates in stainless steel, copper, cement tanks, etc. It is a water soluble product, very concentrated. Degreaser degreaser for tartrate removal Its formulation based on potent solubilizers is specific to eliminate tartrates in the wine industry, whether in vats,...
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