Maintenance products

Vehicle maintenance

Upholstery and carpet cleaner

101 AUTO
101 AUTO Powerful degraserEnergetic liquid cleaner with high degreasing power, which makes it ideal for professional use. Low alkalinity productAppropriate product, by its composition, for washing textile surfaces. Revive the colors of textile fibers.
Vehicle maintenance

Concentrated windshield washer fluid

CLAR AUTO Wiper for vehiclesConcentrated windshield washer fluid ideal for windshield cleaning on all types of vehicles. It does not freeze. Clean without leaving residue. Quick Dry WiperFree of solid materials in solution, which prevents fogging and residue when dried. Biodegradable product
Vehicle maintenance

Engine Oiler Degreaser

MOTOR NW Concentrated organic degreaserOrganic concentrated degreaser special for oiled. Ideal for cleaning parts, tools and machinery in general that have a very high level of oil, grease and dirt soils. Suitable for dilution in waterEmulsifiable in water and compatible with other solvents. Strengthens the cleaning power of fuels by increasing their...
Vehicle maintenance

Concentrated Circuit Antifreeze

REFRI CC Antifreeze fluidSpecially recommended fluid for use in the refrigeration circuits of all types of vehicles. Its low viscosity decreases the power used in the overall operation of the engine. Avoid problems due to low temperaturesSolve the problems so far contemplated by the freezing of water, due to the low temperatures, guaranteeing freezing...
Vehicle maintenance

Spray Brake Cleaner

LIMPIAFRENOS SP Brake cleanerClean the brakes leaving a thin protective film, extending the life and good preservation of the car's discs. Eliminates grease, asbestos powders and metal waste. Product of rapid application and high volatilityIt ends the problems of clutches caused by pollution. Eliminate the squeak of the pills. It does not damage the...
Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Dewaxer

1000 L
1000 L Dewaxing solventParaffin eliminating solvent in new vehicles with a paraffin-based protective layer. It does not damage the paint and dries without leaving residue. Paraffin removalCompletely harmless colorless product based on mild organic solvents.