Yellow metallic wax concentrated...

    Yellow metallic wax concentrated self-polishing

    PRO WAX SUN Yellow metallic wax maintenance and polishing

    Wax for maintenance and surface polishing in a single operation. Ideal for the treatment of all types of hard, plastic and wooden floors. It protects, brightens and preserves hard floors, plastic or wood in a single operation.

    Suitable for hard, plastic or wooden floors

    It leaves a thin layer with non-slip properties. Easy to apply, it can be used for domestic and industrial floors. For a first application apply pure and spread with mop on the clean floor. Let dry, if desired you can make a second layer.


    Non-slip yellow self-shining metallic wax

    Concentrated self-shining metallic emulsion for hard floors. Self-shining and non-slip emulsion of exceptional traffic resistance. Ready for easy application by hand or machine. It Provides a long-lasting and resistant shine.

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