Active foam hand soap
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Active foam hand soap

DAB.ESP.MA.B800 Hand soap

Formulated with mild and dermocompatible surfactants, with a synergistic effect and high quality, gently cleanses the skin, without drying it out, or irritating it, leaving a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and a subtle aroma in the hands.

Paraben free and organic salts

The instantaneous formation of abundant foam allows a quick and efficient washing. Use whenever necessary. Only a small amount of product is needed for effective washing.



Active foam hand soap concentrated formula

Active foam hand soap enriched with Aloe Vera suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dehydrated skin.Ideal for the industry in general, commercial environments, offices, health sector, schools, sports facilities, etc. Apply the foam on dry hands. Spread, rub and rinse with plenty of running water.

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