Apple aroma dermatological hand gel

    Apple aroma dermatological hand gel

    DERMIS Dermatological hand gel

    Soap for hand cleaning, with softening and aseptic power. It does not irritate the skin, presenting the same pH as the skin. High detergent power in dirt. Foam formation stabilized but easily eliminated by simple rinsing.

    Scented hand soap

    It does not corrode the dosers normally used for this product. Great economy due to its low concentration of employment. Especially indicated for restaurants, bars, schools, offices, etc. Biodegradable product, totally miscible in water in all proportions and highly foaming.


    Dermatological hand gel

    Dermatological hand gel with pleasant apple perfume and neutral pH. It does not irritate the skin and is ideal for daily cleaning. Removes dirt leaving a pleasant sensation on the skin. Ideal for restaurants, offices, hotels, communities ... It is used pure, and it is advisable to use the product with a dispenser in order to use exactly enough for a hand wash.

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