Cosmetic production

Current legislation

According to current legislation, "The indicative title, cosmetic products, preparations listed in Annex I" of Royal Decree 1599/1997, such as creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and skin oils, makeup, soaps and bath or shower products, perfumes, toilet waters, cologne waters, deodorants, hair products of all kinds, shaving products, makeup and makeup removal, oral and dental care products, nails, sun products, etc. . It means that the products marketed for hygiene use such as hand gels, bath gels or shampoos among others, must be manufactured in facilities suitable for cosmetics, completely different from the manufacture of detergents.

Cosmetic manufacturing facility of Proeco Químicas

Proeco Químicas has the Cosmetics Division, which includes Cleanroom modified according to the requirements of current regulations with a perfectly controlled environment (temperature, humidity, filtered air quality) and a correct insulation that provides optimal conditions to insure safety and security of the quality of manufactured cosmetics. We have extensive manufacturing equipment to produce productions of many different types of cosmetics and in multiple formats. An important feature in our productive capacity is versatility. The entire production process is carried out in compliance with the standards of Good Production Practices in Cosmetic Products (BPPC or GMP).

Control laboratory

In our fully equipped laboratories we carry out the quality controls of the raw materials and the finished product according to our own methodology. This control is carried out during the entire production process: from the reception of the raw materials to the manufacturing process, semi-finished product and final product. We verify that, at all times, the standards that ensure compliance with product specifications are met.

Technical and human team

We have a large highly trained team with extensive experience in the sector, motivation and continuous training for the devolpment of new cosmetic products. Always at the forefront, we maintain a policy of continuous training and a vision of the future open to new techniques and procedures. Therefore, we always favor the assistance of our technical staff to specialized courses, conferences, fairs, conventions, etc. This allows them to be in touch with the latest techniques and methodologies open to the market to, subsequently, put them into practice in their day to day and improve, if possible, the quality in the products we offer.

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