Dust collector cleaner and aerosol...

    Dust collector cleaner and aerosol polish

    SOLSAN SP Dust collector and special aerosol polish mops

    Dust collector cleaner and special spray polish for use in mops. Large field of application in floors, wood, parquet, terrazzo, marble, vinyl, wooden furniture, metal, leather, etc.

    Catch dust from any surface

    Attracts and retains dust and dirt particles from surfaces to the fibers of the mop or cloth. The treated surfaces are polish and clean, preventing dust and dirt from adhering. Biodegradable product


    Dust collector cleaner and multi-surface spray polish

    Powder and polish spray cleaner, easy to apply by spraying, specially designed to be used with mop on all types of surfaces. Antistatic effect. Spray at a distance of 20 cm. on a cloth, mop, sweeper, etc. and wait a few seconds.

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