Pieces machining

Lubricants and cutting oils

White taladrina

TADRI-B Mineral oil based taladrina White taladrina for the general mechanized of all type of metals in operations of medium and high severity. Formulated with a highly refined mineral oil that gives very stable emulsions containing extreme pressure additives. Free of nitrites, chlorinated compounds, boron and amines. White taladrina for the industry...
Lubricants and cutting oils

Synthetic green taladrina

TADRI-V 25 Synthetic fluid water soluble in any proportion that forms transparent fluorescent green solutions. It is a product free of chlorinated compounds. Great resistance to oxidation and stability in service. Excellent anticorrosive power High cooling power. Neutrality against the paintings. Detergent and cleaning power of the tooth. Resistance to...
Lubricants and cutting oils

Semi-synthetic great solubility lubricant

TADRI-RSS Last generation semi-synthetic t solubility lubricant For general machining of all types of metals, especially steel and cast iron working in medium and high severity operations. Due to its special components it forms a protective film with excellent antioxidant properties. Great resistance to oxidation and stability in service Good corrosion...
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