White taladrina

    White taladrina

    TADRI-B Mineral oil based taladrina

    White taladrina for the general mechanized of all type of metals in operations of medium and high severity. Formulated with a highly refined mineral oil that gives very stable emulsions containing extreme pressure additives. Free of nitrites, chlorinated compounds, boron and amines.

    White taladrina for the industry

    Great resistance to oxidation and stability in service. Good corrosion protection. Excellent lubricating and antiwear properties. Neutrality against the paintings. Resistance to the development of bacteria. General machining operations: turning, milling, sawing, drilling, etc., in low, medium and high alloy and stainless steels and in yellow metals (copper, aluminum and its alloys, brass and bronzes).


    White taladrina

    White taladrina for the mechanized in general and rectified of hard metals. Ideal in all types of work: lathes, milling machines, etc.

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