Multi-purpose glass cleaner
    Multi-purpose glass cleaner

    Multi-purpose glass cleaner

    CLAR Effective multi-purpose glass cleaner.

    Multi-purpose glass cleaner specially designed for cleaning without fogging, as well as polished stainless steel surfaces and enameled or porcelain surfaces.

    cars window cleaner

    Suitable especially for cleaning windows and car interiors. Biodegradable product, free of solid materials in substances, which prevents fogging and residues when dried.


    Multi-purpose glass cleaner

    Designed for the maintenance and cleaning of glass, mirrors, chrome, screens, keyboards, tables, formics and many surfaces in general. Dry instantly. Anti-fog and dust repellent effect. Ease of use by spraying resulting in economic. It dries quickly. Pure spray is used directly on the surface to be cleaned, rubbing with a cloth.

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