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Neutral energetic cleaner floral environment

MONIC High concentration neutral cleaner

Highly recommended product for floors, walls, vitrified surfaces and all kinds of surfaces. It deodorizes treated surfaces, sanitary ware, kitchens, floors, walls with tiles or plastic paint, etc.

Cleaning delicate surfaces

It does not scratch any surface, it cleans and degreases thoroughly. Easy and convenient to apply. Very concentrated, getting a great performance from him. It is a biodegradable product that complies with current regulations.


General neutral cleaner with pleasant floral perfume

Recommended product for floors, walls and all kinds of surfaces. It contains foam protocols. Instant drying For vitrified floors and walls with a lot of dirt, the dosage can range from 2 to 5 grams per liter of water without having to rinse later, the rinse factor may vary when the solution of the bucket is heavily contaminated. For sanitary ware and pure kitchens, passing a cloth soaked with the product and then rinsing with water.

Product Details

Physical form:
Nice perfume
PH character:
Available packaging:
5 KG