PH neutral dermatological shower and bath gel

    PH neutral dermatological shower and bath gel

    DERMOCID Bath and shower gel

    Gel intended for personal hygiene. Especially recommended in hotels, sports clubs, offices and in general institutional centers. Due to its composition and neutral pH, it is a very suitable product for any type of skin.

    Body hygiene gel

    The cleansing, softening and conditioning elements that compose it make it a versatile product that can be used both in hand cleaning, as in hygiene and body hygiene. Biodegradable product.


    Dermatological shower and bath gel with neutral pH and protective agents

    It contains oatmeal extracts and softening agents that give it a high dermal tolerance. Extremely pleasant to use and ideal for all skin types. It is used pure. With the body moistened, rub with a sponge until you get an abundant foam and rinse with water.

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