Polish, cleaner and surface regenerator spray

    Polish, cleaner and surface regenerator spray

    VINIL SP Regenerative spray surface polish

    Surface polish and cleaner spray. Its use ensures that the treated surfaces remain longer with the appearance of new and shiny. It is particularly applied in materials of plastic, rubber, stainless steel and, generally, where you want to recover the shine.

    Aerosol cleaner, polish and regenerator

    Attracts and retains dust and dirt particles from surfaces to the fibers of the mop or cloth. The treated surfaces are bright and clean. Biodegradable product


    Polish and cleaner of surfaces in aerosol.

    Cleans and polishes all types of surfaces leaving a small protective film. Ideal format to easily apply to plastics, rubbers, metal parts, stainless steel ... Apply it pure on a cloth or suede and rub the surface.

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