Sani Active Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner
Sani Active Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner

Sani Active Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner

Sani Active Disinfectant cleaner for dirty surfaces, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal

Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant detergent gel, approved by the healthcare authorities to carry out simultaneous cleaning and disinfection, approved for dirty surfaces. Suitable for the food industry and general use. Specially formulated to clean and disinfect practically any type of synthetic or natural surface, saving time and products.

Sani Active guarantee disinfection of dirty surfaces

Sani Active has been validated by the Ministry of Healthcare and Consumption in such a way that in a 16% dilution it eliminates virus, bacteria and fungus on dirty surfaces, as well as being a powerful cleaner, suitable for practically any type of surface.


Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal disinfectant

It complies with the UNE-EN 13697 standard in dirty conditions. Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants for the evaluation of the bactericidal and fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food products, in industry, in home and in the community. It complies with the UNE-EN 14476 standard in dirty conditions, at a concentration of 16%, with 5 minutes of contact and at 20oC temperature. Chemical antiseptics and disinfectants. Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of viricidal activity in medicine.

Environmental use 20-20 / 40 / 90-10664

Food Industry 20-20 / 40 / 90-10664-HA

Proeco Químicas member of ASOCIACIÓN BPR GROUP

Complete your disinfection by applying  Farmigel 85 virucidal hydroalcoholic hand gel or Farmibac virucidal hand sanitizing lotion

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