Semi-synthetic great solubility...

    Semi-synthetic great solubility lubricant

    TADRI-RSS Last generation semi-synthetic t solubility lubricant

    For general machining of all types of metals, especially steel and cast iron working in medium and high severity operations. Due to its special components it forms a protective film with excellent antioxidant properties.

    Great resistance to oxidation and stability in service

    Good corrosion protection. Excellent lubricating and antiwear properties. High wetting and cooling power. Neutrality against the paintings. Hard water stability, up to 60ºTH. General machining operations: turning, milling, sawing, drilling, etc., in low, medium and high alloy and stainless steels and in yellow metals (copper, aluminum and its alloys, brass and bronzes).


    Semi-synthetic taladrina of last generation

    Coolant and semi-synthetic lubricant taladrina. Its application is the one of sharpened and mechanized in general.

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