Stainless Steel Brightener Cleaner

    Stainless Steel Brightener Cleaner

    SUPER-INOX Stainless steel cleaner

    Stainless cleaner specially designed for cleaning them without leaving fogging, as well as enameled or porcelain surfaces. Especially suitable for cleaning high quality 316 stainless steel and polished effect. Biodegradable product.

    Silicone-free stainless steel cleaner

    Free of solid materials in solution and silicones, which prevents fogging and residue when idried. Easy of use by spraying resulting economic. It dries quickly.



    Great cleaning power of steel

    Stainless steel and other metal surfaces polish cleaner. Great cleaning power and quick drying. Renew bright stainless steels very easily. Repellant effect of dirt and dust. Pure spray is used directly on the surface to be cleaned, rubbing with a clean cloth.

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