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The “Swan” package, an exclusive design and patented by Proeco Químicas

Swan package by Proeco Quimicas

Because a picture is worth a thousand words. We take care of the integral packaging of our entire product range

In Proeco Químicas, we take great care of the image and presentation of our products, because we know that a good product, even if it is the best of all, does not work if it is not accompanied by an image in accordance with its quality. The packaging, the presentation, the label, are aspects that take into account when launching our products.

One of the creations of the most representative Marketing department of our brand is the so-called "Swan packaging". It is an exclusive and patented Proeco Químicas jerrican that has been conceived and designed for the majority of products in our range in 5 Lt.

Each product family a color

Since childhood we learn to separate by colors. That is why the color classification is still the easiest and most effective way to group the different ranges of our products and detergents. If something works, it is not necessary to change it ... Security aspects and risk prevention on the label have also been taken into account, indicating in each label by means of very simple pictograms to interpret, the use for which they have been destined, the form of application and the recommended dosage.

Functional packaging adapted to each use

The Marketing department of Proeco has worked on the image and aesthetics of all our formats adapting each package to the final use for which it has been conceived and taking into account both aesthetic and use factors so that the final consumer obtains the satisfaction of their Needs with each product.

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