Superconcentrated detergents

General Degreaser Concentrated Base

CNC-DESEN Degreaser Concentrate Concentrated base of general degreaser for cleaning very difficult dirt. Very suitable for cleaning bells, tiles, kitchen floors, slaughterhouses, walls, steels and places with a lot of grease in general. Degreaser Base Degreaser base for the preparation of product ready for use. Concentrated product studied for dilution to...

Concentrated air freshener base

CNC-AIR Air freshener concentrate Concentrated air freshener base for the preparation of ready-to-use product. Designed for party halls, shopping centers, banks, restaurants, etc. Air freshener base Product of great concentration and exquisite aroma specially designed to offer more pleasant environments and sensations. Eliminates bad odors leaving a high...

Acid descaling cleaner concentrated base

CNC-SINCAL Descaler cleaner concentrate Base descaler for the preparation of antical cleaner. Especially for chrome plating, stainless steels and porcelain in general, it does not oxidize or stain. Effectively removes the remains of lime, salt and oxides. Suitable for faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc. Detergent base for multi-purpose acid...

Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner base

CNC-MULTI Multi-purpose cleaner concentrate Detergent base for the development of multipurpose cleaner. Multi-purpose glass cleaner, designed for the maintenance and cleaning of glass, mirrors, chrome, screens, keyboards, tables, formica in general, etc. Detergent base for multipurpose cleaner Concentrated product studied for dilution to 3.33% to obtain a...

General Detergent Concentrated Base

CNC-GENERAL General Cleaner Concentrate Detergent base for the development of general multipurpose cleaner. Neutral product for cleaning floors and surfaces in general, contains active perfumes that leave a lasting freshness. Detergent base for neutral general cleaner Detergent base for neutral general cleaner
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