Laundry Products

Additives and stain removers

Additives and stain removers

Reforzing and moistening liquid

TENSO Liquid moistening Liquid additive for washing clothes. Intensifies the emulsifying power of greases, and is applicable in neutral or alkaline products. Moistening additive It has great moistening power, and a good calcium absorption. Using it in the soaking or prewash phase, we can open the fiber so that all the embedded dirt is released.
Additives and stain removers

Bleaching chlorinated powder disinfectant

C 10
C 10 Chlorine bleach Bleaching solid disinfectant based on stabilized chlorine with great bleaching power and removal of virtually all types of stains. Chlorine bleach disinfectant Chlorinated solid bleach suitable for both manual and automatic dosing.
Additives and stain removers

Solid bleach disinfectant

REBLAN Solid bleaching Solid bleached stabilizer based on stabilized oxygen with great bleaching and removal of practically all types of garments for both white and colored clothes. Bleaching product disinfectant It must be accompanied by suitable solid detergents or PREDIS liquid detergent. We avoid undesirable remains of chlorine and water softening.
Additives and stain removers

Whitening sunscreen stains on clothes

ANSOL Oxygenated bleach Whitening stabilized oxygen-based powder disinfectant with great bleaching and staining power for practically all types of stains on white and colored clothing. Special for cream spots and sunscreens on clothes. Solid bleaching product Special oxygenated bleaching additive for cream spots and sunscreens on garments
Additives and stain removers

neutral moistening paste degreaser

PASTA Cream moistening degreaser Neutral moistening reinforcing cream for washing clothes or local staining in manual or automatic washing systems. Especially suitable for blankets, sweaters, wool fabrics and fibers. Moistening additive Using it in the soaking, prewash or wash phase, we can open the fiber so that all embedded dirt is released.
Additives and stain removers

Dry stain remover solvent

KITS NW 500CC Neutral degreaser Neutral degreasing solvent for removing stains located on all types of garments. Especially recommended for those fabrics that cannot be wetted with water. Solvent of animal origin Its studied formulation allows the removal of stains mainly of mineral origin on tissues that do not need to be rinse. It does not leave fences...

Detergents for professional laundry

In the professional laundry sector, we have detergent and additive solutions to respond to the market to all the needs that the market demands, our range of laundry products offer that function.

Dosing systems for laundry

Automatic detergent dosing systems have a component that requires a good start-up, since they have to unify criteria for a good washing result. Dosing equipment that allows us to dose products with the needs of our customers. Design balanced washing processes, as many as necessary and that these are alone with the dosing equipment, depending on the levels of dirt and types of clothes to condition the dosages to the washing processes and with the machinery that is available. And a range of versatile concentrated products that meet all these parameters.

Full range of laundry products

We have liquid and solid laundry detergents that, because of their history, cover that need perfectly, complemented with additives of bleaching and bleaching, which by their manual dosing make them indispensable in washing machines of low production. Our stain removers and additives prevent us, having to relax clothes, with the cost and wear on the fiber, we think and the market asks for it, that when we use the fabric softener, we use it depending on the type of clothes we wash, in tablecloth garments, we must obtain an excellent cleaning, free of stains and that its perfume is not an inconvenience when it comes to confusing the end user.


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