Degreaser for superconcentrated ovens...
    Degreaser for superconcentrated ovens...

    Degreaser for superconcentrated ovens and irons

    PLAC PLUS Strong super concentrated degreaser

    Product indicated especially for cleaning kitchen plates, which have a strong layer of carbon and carbonized grease. Also suitable for cleaning ovens where sausages and pork parts are smoked, as well as for fryers and kitchen filters.

    Degreaser of strong action

    Due to its fluidity, large areas are covered with a small amount. It acts as a disintegrant solvent, detergent and  it works with penetration power on porous surfaces, with alkaline reaction. It is not toxic to food and employees, complying with current legislation on biodegradable products.


    Superconcentrated degreaser for fat and carbon removal

    Strong alkaline degreaser very concentrated suitable for the removal of fats and charcoal in plates of ovens, ovens and deep-fat fryers. Very practical for cleaning kitchen liters. It is easily removed, by simple washing with water, and leaves no residue or flavors that can contaminate food.

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