Special descaling scrubber machines

    Special descaling scrubber machines

    DSC-SN Acid detergent controlled foam

    Low foam acid detergent and descaler. Indicated for the periodic descaling of dishwasher machines. Eliminates the scale of lime, as well as the residues that detergents always leave. It has been specifically formulated for the removal of limescale in water circuits, bottle washing machines, boilers, pumps, etc.

    Dishwasher descaling machines

    The product is biodegradable for normal use. It does not attack metals, or rubber, plastic, etc. joints. Free of persistent foam which allows it to be used by jet and forced circulation. Due to its acidic character it acts as a deoxidant. Thanks to its low surface tension it penetrates perfectly into the scale.


    Acid detergent and descaler dishwasher machines

    Eliminates scale of lime, saltpeter, organic debris ... Dissolve the product in cold water in a proportion that ranges between 10-20% according to the state of the circuit to be descaled. Circulate this solution through the circuit and check that its pH is acidic, otherwise add product. The circulation time will depend on the inlay formed. Then rinse the circuit, circulating through it a pH booster. Rinse again with plenty of water.

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