Strong degreaser for scrubber machine

    Strong degreaser for scrubber machine

    ULTRA-SN Non-foaming alkaline degreaser

    Energetic alkaline degreaser designed for use with scrubber machines, free from producing any type of foam facilitating cleaning on large surfaces. Due to its degreasing and detergent capacity it becomes an essential support tool for cleaning large deep dirt surfaces.

    General Degreaser Concentrate

    It is very economical to use, ideal for use in floor cleaning machines. It is inhibited against corrosion of iron and steel. It does not scratch any surface, leaves no film. It is biodegradable in compliance with current legislation.


    Concentrated degreaser for scrubbing machines

    General degreaser concentrated for cleaning very deep and difficult dirt, special scrubber machine. Suitable for all types of surfaces. Porous, non-porous, painted surfaces, etc. Controlled foam. For deep dirty floors, the dosage can range between 1% and 4% in dilution in water.

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