Wax and mineral fat release stripper

    Wax and mineral fat release stripper

    STR-2000 Concentrated stripper degreaser

    High concentration stripper degreaser for very greasy dirt, industrial floors, paints, workshops, etc. Applicable to all types of metals. Stripper waxes, auto glossy films. Eliminates the remains of the floors, for all types of surfaces and hard films.

    Wax and mineral fat remover

    Wax and energetic mineral fats remover, clean the floor of all kinds of dirt, thus favoring the application of wax or self-polishing films. Its application does not affect the materials being possible infinity of applications. Controlled foam for manual or machine application. Biodegradable product.


    Concentrated stripper wax and mineral fat remover

    Stripper enhanced with solvents for the removal of mineral dirt and resistant waxes. Ideal for automatic scrubbers and can also be applied by hand. Fantastic results in pavements of workshops, industries, parking lots, communities. Controlled foam. Suitable for thorough preparation of the soil to be waxed. For manual application it will be diluted 1: 5 in water. For machine application it will be diluted 1:12 with water.

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