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Wax and mineral fat release stripper

STR-2000 Concentrated stripper degreaser High concentration stripper degreaser for very greasy dirt, industrial floors, paints, workshops, etc. Applicable to all types of metals. Stripper waxes, auto glossy films. Eliminates the remains of the floors, for all types of surfaces and hard films. Wax and mineral fat remover Wax and energetic mineral fats...
Products for scrubbing machines

Strong degreaser for scrubber machine

ULTRA-SN Non-foaming alkaline degreaser Energetic alkaline degreaser designed for use with scrubber machines, free from producing any type of foam facilitating cleaning on large surfaces. Due to its degreasing and detergent capacity it becomes an essential support tool for cleaning large deep dirt surfaces. General Degreaser Concentrate It is very...
Products for scrubbing machines

Special descaling scrubber machines

DSC-SN Acid detergent controlled foam Low foam acid detergent and descaler. Indicated for the periodic descaling of dishwasher machines. Eliminates the scale of lime, as well as the residues that detergents always leave. It has been specifically formulated for the removal of limescale in water circuits, bottle washing machines, boilers, pumps, etc....
Products for scrubbing machines

Chlorinated alkaline detergent without foam

PROSIN-SN Hygienic cleaner without foam Chlorinated cleaner without foam suitable for scrubbing machines specially formulated to sanitize and deodorize any type of surfaces. Recommended in communities, toilets, hospitals, etc. Surfaces cleaning and hygienic The properties of the product are very specific, it provides cleaning and sanitization, eliminating...
Products for scrubbing machines

Ammoniacal detergent for scrubbing machine

PINOX-SN Ammoniacal detergent Special ammoniacal detergent for cleaning with a scrubber machine. Designed for the daily maintenance of large stoneware surfaces and non-porous surfaces in general. It is very economical of employment since it allows it to be used in floor cleaning machines. Excellent cleaner for use in scrubbing machines It is inhibited...
Products for scrubbing machines

Neutral cleaner for scrubbing machine

LIMOX-SN Neutral non-foaming cleaner Scented neutral cleaner with a very pleasant citrus smell specially designed for use with scrubbing machines, free from producing any type of foam. It does not scratch any surface, clean and degrease thoroughly. Thoroughly cleans and degreases Easy and convenient to apply, being safe for hands. Very concentrated,...
101 Tissue cleaner for injection-extraction machines Degreaser cleaner for upholstery, carpets and all types of fabrics. Green liquid and scented smell. Energetic liquid cleaner with high degreasing power, which makes it ideal for professional use. Stain remover on upholstery and carpets Appropriate product, for its composition, for washing textile...
101-PLUS Powerful Degreasing Cleaner Stain-remover cleaner for upholstery, carpets and all types of fabrics. Energetic liquid cleaner, with high degreasing power, which makes it ideal for professional use. Degreasing cleaner Due to its composition, it is suitable for washing textile surfaces where there are traces of organic dirt. Not suitable for...
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