Swimming pools

Pool water treatment

Pool water treatment

Complete treatment triple action pills 200 Gr.

COMPLEX Triple Action Pills Special product for the complete treatment of pool water. Contains chlorine and algaecide disinfectant chlorine, you only need to control the pH of free residual chlorine. Disinfectant tablets Solid compound in tablets of 200 gr. formulated to obtain with its single application a totally disinfected water eliminating viruses,...
Pool water treatment

Grain Shock Treatment

CLOREX Chlorinated product for swimming pools Special product for the shock treatment of water in swimming pools. Contains fast dissolving granular chlorine. Very useful to recover water after rains, tree leaves, or large influx of bathers. Quick disinfection of pool water Solid grain compound formulated to obtain with its single application a totally...
Pool water treatment


FLOC Liquid flocculant Liquid flocculant for swimming pools. Colorless liquid that produces a precipitation effect on all the particles that are suspended in the pool water. Flocculant product for pools Colorless flocculant liquid for use in swimming pools.
Pool water treatment

Algicide brightener

GAL Algaecid liquid Fast and lasting action liquid, capable of preventing the formation and development of algae in the pool for longer. Algaecide liquid for swimming pools Brightening effect that causes greater brightness and transparency of the water. It does not produce foam. Use in the water of the pool glass.
Pool water treatment

Liquid pH booster

MAS PH Liquid pH booster for pools Colorless product designed to raise the pH in the pool water. PH booster Liquid that raises the pH of the pool water to get the right grade.
Pool water treatment

Liquid pH decrease

MENOS PH Liquid pH decrease for pools Colorless product designed to lower the pH in the pool water. pH decrease Liquid that lowers the pH of the pool water to get the right grade.

Pool interior cleaning

Pool cleaning

Safety descaler without vapors

DESP Descaling pools Acid descaler for swimming pools. Strip and clean all types of limescale, cement and fluorescence, green vegetables, etc. Acid pool cleaner Acid product free of toxic vapors ideal for cleaning indoor pools and surroundings.
Pool cleaning

High performance acid descaler

170-PISCINAS Energetic descaling pools Water softener for fluorescence and limestone remains. Brown liquid and characteristic smell. Water softener for fluorescence and limestone remains. Brown liquid and characteristic smell. It strips and cleans all types of limescale, cement and fluorescence. High performance acid cleaner.

Pool exterior cleaning

Surface disinfectant

Chlorinated sanitizing detergent

PROSIN Sanitizing and deodorizing cleaner Sanitizing cleanser Specially formulated to sanitize and deodorize any type of surfaces. Recommended in communities, toilets, hospitals, etc. Bad Odor Eliminator The properties of the product are very specific, it provides cleaning and sanitization, eliminating bad odors and cleaning in depth. Biodegradable...
Bathroom cleaners and descalers

Limestone descaler for porcelain, steel and chrome

SACLIN Anti-lime descaler Special limestone descaler for chrome, stainless steels and porcelain in general, it does not oxidize or stain. Suitable for faucets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, etc. Thanks to its low surface tension it penetrates perfectly into the scale. Lime debris remover It effectively removes the remains of lime, salt and oxides. Due to...
Surface cleaners

Stainless steel and surface polish cleaner

PRO-INOX 500 Stainless steel and surface polish cleaner Cleaner specially studied for cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces without leaving fogging and avoiding handprints. Especially elevator steel Especially suitable for cleaning stainless lifts and other stainless steel surfaces with high iron content. Ease of use by spraying.
BAC Sanitizing Cleanser Product Liquid product of high sanitizing power, prepared from quaternary ammonium salts and non-ionic surfactants. Suitable for cleaning meat, cutting utensils, trays, floors, walls, etc. Its cationic character gives it antistatic properties. Great odor eliminator deodorizer It is effective at low concentrations as a sanitizer....
General ecological degreasers

Energetic degreaser

GREEN DEGREASER Ecological energetic degreaser Detergent formulated with biodegradable ingredients that respect the environment, especially for cleaning very difficult dirt. Product of large applications such as cleaning of kitchen filters, air filters, extractor hoods, kitchen walls, tiles, terrazzo, sanitary ware, slaughterhouses, stainless steel, very...
General ecological cleaners

General Neutral Cleaner

GREEN CLEANER Ecological neutral general cleaner Excellent general neutral cleaner formulated with natural ingredients that respect the environment. Suitable for cleaning floors, walls, delicate surfaces such as wood, marble, porcelain, plastic surfaces, etc. Ecological cleaner for all surfaces It does not scratch any surface, clean and degrease...
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